Saturday, November 8, 2008

Famous Writer, David Burke, comments

BRAINS is now available on Amazon. Click any of the ads on this site to order it now for Christmas. Scare someone you love.

See DR SIMPSON chat about the book in the great little video above. It's about 2 minutes long, and well worth a look.

David Burke, compiler of the recently-published WRITERS IN PARIS, and sometime Paris editor of the ACCESS guides, says, "Your friend Dr. Simpson's video is GREAT! Just the right tone, perfect balance of creepy and droll. Reminds me of a show they had on BBC prime, title forgotten, "Tales from the Crypt" sort of thing, with actors reading horror stories by Poe, Balzac, and others, the actors on camera most of the time with sinisterly lit, rather abstract scenes in the background. Those were really scary. Dr. S leans more toward the droll. It's an inspiration to me, actually."

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